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How the movement of online mindfulness classes can help you self-initiate your personal practice.

​We all develop coping mechanisms in our early stages of life. Those coping mechanisms become habits which can be experienced as a loop of our fate - a lesson that repeats itself until we develop the wisdom and enough will to evolve. Nurturing good habits in turn, engages us with the path of our destiny and fulfils our dharma.

It is known in yogic sciences that 40 days of consistent daily practice will have the effect of shifting thoughts and emotional patterns that have been limiting us. Following this practice for 90 days not only reprograms us into a new habit, but confirms the change of the old one. Now, if you are one of those highly disciplined people who can attend to your own 120 days practice - without fail, you have finally embodied your brand new psyche by sheer commitment.

It is all well and good in concept, except that the other layer of reality, the one we tend to engage most with, life as we know it, can get in the way of us creating a spiritual routine and indeed nurturing the time, space and commitment to one's self development. The commitment to stop, reflect, start on one’s inner work and attend to a daily healthy routine is alluring but not easy and some don’t even begin. Yes, it is called inner ‘work’ for a reason.

Right now amidst this pandemic, we are required to spend copious amounts of time at home, and one has to start making the home an office, a school and here comes the best part: one starts to create space in their home for their spiritual practice! How many wonderful opportunities are there from teachers offering oftentimes on donation, online opportunities for us to experience having yoga, meditation classes from the comfort of our home?

Yes, at first, trying to cultivate mindfulness whilst in the presence of a screen, might not particularly come as a match made in heaven as it can be awkward and lacking physical warmth. However, we don’t need to stare at the screen, in fact, it is by closing our eyes, that we tune back in(to) ourselves and there you have it, you made the journey back home!

What you are required to do is to find a space in your home where you can sit comfortably, warm and uninterrupted. Ideally roomy enough if you are adding movement to your practice. Imagine meeting a daily practice which will provide you with all those lovely natural chemicals such as endorphins and having your neurotransmitters firing up and releasing when you exercise and meditate. Just visualise that lovely Qi effortlessly flowing through your body and the wondrous effect that will have in your daily activities? This space slowly and organically starts to nourish you and you in turn start to nourish it back by adding perhaps a rug, cushions, candles, plants, flowers, symbols that inspire you. Possibly even Instruments? Next you are building your own altar, where you are the subject of devotion and the devotional instrument all in one. A sacred vortex where you take breaks to deeply nourish, move and connect with others who are sharing the teachings and being a lighthouse. Your most divine aspect will pour all over this setting and there you have a small sanctuary in your own home that you have created without even having to make big decisions, just register for a class and get comfy! You will be spontaneously dropping to practice what your learned in there and you may alsowell start calling it your own personal practice! You will finally start to exercise the divine habit where you learn to flow with your inner nature, recharge and recalibrate.

This is one of the opportunities given to us now, during these disorientating times. We have been given a unique opportunity to find a place in ourselves and our homes to centre, self orientate and self initiate on this journey to developing a personal practice that supports us. We are all quarantined together and provided the space is of nurture, we can grow new wings to fly fit on the next challenge.

Of all the challenges we face in a lifetime, to evolve towards our destiny and get over the loop of our fate is one hell of a revolutionary act! Who knows, you could find yourself on your 1000th day and wonder how you could even get by another day without clocking time on your sacred place.