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Reveal the mystic in you

Mysticism is a non linear way of organising reality, which together with the mythical, expresses itself in the poetry and symbolic wisdom that we experience as we open to this other way of organising the world.

Although inaccessible to our mind, this realm is readily accessible through the experimental knowing of our bodies, our imagination, our emotions, our dreams and, resides deep within our creative potential.

Direct thought on the other hand, being so pinpointed, often misses subtle but crucial parts of the problem, just as a magnifying lens enhances the minute details of the foreground object while it dims or renders invisible details in the background. Direct thought isolates one thing after another and loses out on the relationships that connects things into the matrix of an integrated whole. It focuses not only on the quantities of the objects but has a tendency to ignore their quality or essential nature. In the same way that if I analyse a note, I lose a symphony, in studying the atom I will miss experiencing the universe. Sadly, most of us are trained to construct reality in this unswerving way.

We are becoming increasingly disregarding, even oblivious to our mystical experience on this earth. Holding on too tightly to our earthly existence, while ignoring every notion of its transience. We go about our journey without paying much attention to our very own unique expression, our innate power of being independent and self-reliant. We risk too much our rights and freedom by allowing the outside world influence our actions and our decisions.

Even though our humanity appears equipped by nature to worship the mystical and to recognise the existence of powers that are greater than oneself, we see instead this instinct denied and often derided. Meanwhile, other gods are set up to worship instead, notably: progress, power and science.

A central concern in the alchemy of the Tao, is, looking at the broken unity of the divine, that polarises the yin and yang, as opposites, that reunites to create a child or new possibility. This is the idea of the whole.

For Taoism the soul, the feminine Yin and wisdom, is the means by which the Yang intellect attains insight and understanding, together partaking in the Yin-Yang dualistic nature.

Duality is often mistakenly interpreted as segregated parts. This idea of duality as unpolarised opposites gives rise to discrimination, inequality, poverty, dislocation and oppression, as well as prejudice against certain genders, colours and class and prejudice against having a stance or an opinion that diverges away from other beliefs systems.

Our state of feeling whole has dissolved by collective egophrenia, straight subjectivity and other obsessions with the self. Feeling whole is now re vamped by societal norms as rudimentary collectivism and spontaneity loosing its significance.

Is it so hard to grasp the concept that opposites which diverge are also interdependent and by no means exclude each other, but only show themselves as different aspects of the whole?

Fear and separation becomes the deadly virus of the mind. Whilst at one extreme society imposes absolute totalitarian conditions and the individual ceases to matter; we witness on the other side the rise of the drop-out and the “criminal”, who totally reject society’s “legitimate claims” in favour of unlicensed individualism. And it will be so, until we wise up and realise that opposites are by nature collaborative and thus interweave to form an integrated functioning system of balance. We don’t need to express this by social shaming.

Happiness to all and wisdom to all, is dependant on the balance and harmony of the opposites, first in their recognition and then in their reconciliation. This is the way of the Tao. And so...this is the way of the mystic.

When we want to understand how a ripe apple tastes on the first cool morning in September or how the atmosphere in the fields feels when the first sun rays of dawn strikes its surface, we must turn to poetry.. to our mythical consciousness, to what the ancient Chinese referred to as 'Xin', the heart-mind.

So I ask, what worldly event will finally trigger the heart mind of our people, resolved to seek, not greater wealth but simpler pleasure, not higher fortune but deeper felicity, making the first of possessions self-possession and inner-transformation? We transit through this earthly realm under major pressure to polish the diamond of our heart mind. Being each obstacle an opportunity to grow and heal.

As T.S. Elliot put it, it is necessary to go a long way, through many difficulties, to find a place one has never left.

It is only through the descent into the fertile, chaotic waters of the deep unconscious that permanent changes at the level of behaviour, identity and vision can occur. All begins within the centre.

Are we utilising self-enquiry, to seek self-knowledge, Moksha, so we can rightfully walk the road to emancipation and experience the exquisite state of liberation from the illusions of the sense world?

Chinese philosophy maintains that the senses should be only a small part of man. They not only convey knowledge in a limited way but in everyday life are responsible for the endless distraction and dissipation of energy and mind.

Are we ready to walk under the cloak of our mystic selves?

Are we seeking to understand the concept of Maya that is the illusion which divides reactions and relationships into subject and object and gives rise to the pairs of opposites in the manifest world, seeing them as separate instead of being in awe of their intimate relationship with each other?

We are experiencing the ‘Twilight’ - the period of increasing density, and unfortunately of deepening obtuseness, insensitivity and non-awareness, such as the present age of the Kali Yuga, before the dawn and reawakening of the new age in the law of universal reversion.

Admittedly so, analysis indirectly kills natural response. So... if you can't take anything else, take this:

One of the main theories of Taoist psycho-spiritual alchemy and within the philosophical concepts that ground Chinese Medicine are: Wuwei (Spontaneity) and the heart mind (mythical consciousness). Can you seek to connect to those two principles?