Viviane Maia

Kundalini Yoga teacher and Breath-worker

 With a background in Five Element Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, I teach Meridian based, Kundalini, Hatha yoga and Pranayama to children, teens and adults in mental health hospitals across London.

In a world where our habits are of externalising, I will direct your attention back to your vast within. With posture and breath work I will guide you to the yin aspect of your nature; to the shady side of the hill where lurks all of your subconscious conditioning, and re-program your ability to perceive and generate new useful patterns of behaviour.


About my practice

Working with meridians, asanas and breath for a better health


With a background in Five Element Acupuncture, classes are delivered on a 1 to 1 basis and are tailor made to suit each student’s unique emotional and physical needs using asana flow and breath to guide the body towards equilibrium.


To live the path of non-duality, self-realisation and non struggle, it is paramount to cultivate the space in our lives where we can stop to recenter and recalibrate our patterns of behaviour. My classes will guide you to kindly observe yourself from a different perspective and will encourage you to self initiate on your personal practice. 

Mind goes, goes, goes, gone

Pranayama and Yoga online classes

Every week, you can join me for a guided Yoga and Pranayama practice where I will share new tools to calm the mind via movement and we will breathe together for a generous length of time.


Children loves yoga

So do teens...

Having extensive experience  working with children and teenagers with complex, emotional, behavioural and psychological difficulties, I am wholeheartedly committed to planting seeds of empowerment and providing a tool kit for life which children can use breath and asana to help them grow and remain healthy, happy and holy.

“The greatest gift you have to give is that of your own transformation”.

Lao Tzu

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London, UK

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